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Each owner purchases property in our community subject to the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions recorded in the Oconee County Register of Deeds,
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This essential document grants rights and responsibilities to the association's board and property owners, all of whom need to read and heed.

  • StoneHaven Association, Inc. restricts long-term rental properties to five percent (5%) of total lots.  Check with the association via our Contact Us page  to learn the current status of rental properties before purchasing a property for this purpose.


  • StoneHaven Association, Inc. strictly prohibits short-term rentals, either personal or made through property or rental management companies such as, but not limited to, VRBO and Airbnb.


  • Clearwater Point Drive and Glen Road are privately owned and maintained roadways.  Oconee County owns and maintains all other community roadways.

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